Inspection services and Company Verification


To verify if the company has the registry, infrastructure, certification, processes, methodologies and capacities required to fulfill the order of goods. This service typically included the revision of process lines; warehouse for raw material, semi-finished and finished products; quality labs and the authentication of the products presented by the supplier. 


Quality verification of raw materials, parts, components and consumables required; condition of infrastructure, equipment, machinery and facilities to be used to fabricate the goods. It is recommended to perform this preliminary inspection before start of production, or maximum when 20% of the order has being completed; certainly this is the first step to grantee consistent quality along the whole fabrication cycle.


Monitoring of the production in a regular basis (daily, weekly, ..) following up production flow from start to end. This inspection includes the fulfillment verification of work instructions and other production protocols, procuring the elimination of defects and guarantee the daily targets of production.


Validate fabrication or production of good has being made accordingly with the original planIt is recommended to perform this inspection in, at least two, occasions; first, when production progress is between 20% and 50% to verify original specifications are maintained consistently, and; second, when 80% of the order has being completed, which represents the last opportunity to implement any kind of corrective action before it is too late or expensive.


Procedure to receive the goods once their fabrication has being terminated completely; in this inspection, per request of the buyer, validation or laboratory tests can be included or; when it is about the acceptance of machinery or equipment it could also be considered: the simulation of regular operation, startup, maintenance and trouble shooting procedures, cleaning cycles, and preparation works for packing and shipping.


Verification of packing, labels, pallets, documentation, loading and dispatch of the container with the goods. During this inspection it will be confirmed the number of goods contained in each package, set and pallet; the quality with respect to the original specification or in relation with the master sample provided by the buyer; appropriate marking, labeling and identification (bar codes, stickers, ...) of each item; and usage of adequate packaging materials and methods. In this inspection the process to load containers is strictly monitored and documented and, the documentation accompanying the shipment is verified with scrutiny. 


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